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Skyviews Flourescent Light Diffuser Panels

Collegiate Skyviews LLC

New and Exciting Designs!
Speedy Delivery to the entire U.S.
Warehouses in Arizona and Virginia

Click on Skyviews Gallery to see all 196 images.

Brighten up your life! Replace ordinary overhead fluorescent light covers with our beautiful Skyview panels.

  • Skyviews are fluorescent light covers designed to replace existing covers.
  • Reduce the harsh glare in your office with scenes of blue skies. (See Stock Items.)
  • Install a beautiful overhead scene that creates a soothing atmosphere.
  • Skyviews change fluorescent light to appear more like natural sky light.
  • You can use Va Tech Hokie Bird or USC gamecock light covers. (See Custom Products).
  • Reduce the "closed in" feeling of your offices and workspace.
  • All stock images are immediately available.
  • Some customers say that Skyview panels improve mood and employee morale.
  • Patients in dental chairs and examining rooms report feeling more relaxed.


This is our best-selling stock item, "Fluffy Clouds" overhead light cover.

Our panels are manufactured from long-lasting Durastrong material that doesn't fade and won't sag or break. In smaller quantities, our price across the board is $56.95 per panel. Call Skip to learn about extra discounts on large quantities. You may be able to save more money.

TO ORDER: You can email me at If you send an email, please include your phone number. Or, just pick up the phone and CALL ME NOW! 540-520-6394

We accept VISA, Discover, MasterCard, and American Express. We also accept purchase orders from business and government organizations. Please call me to make arrangements.

Our "Skyviews" are durable transparent panels that replace the ordinary covers on standard 2x4 fluorescent light fixtures. They measure 23 inches by 47 inches (60.3 cm. x 121.3 cm.) which you can trim to fit your exact size. We now have 196 designs in our Gallery. Just click on the link to Skyviews Gallery in the left column.

The Skyviews light panels shown below are just a few of the stock items that can be ordered directly from our inventory. In the Gallery, all 196 images are organized by category.

Expanded Ocean View


Tropical Palm

Ocean View

Grape Vine


Night Sky


Four Jets

Beveled Glass

American Flag

Fluffy Clouds


Hot Air Balloons

Curious Pets

Persian Kittens


Bulldog Puppy

MORE CLOUDS! In addition to the original Fluffy Clouds overhead fluorescent light cover, we now provide many more Cloud images so that larger areas of ceiling can be covered with your choice of varied patterns of blue sky and fluffy white clouds. See "Big Sky" in Gallery.

Fluffy Clouds

Clouds 2

Clouds 3

Clouds 4

Clouds 5

Clouds 6

Each Durastrong Light Panel is $56.95 in small quantities. Call Skip at 540-520-6394 for quantity pricing and SHIPPING information. See more information on the Prices page.

IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT!! We NOW have equipment to make small quantity custom-designed panels at very reasonable prices for you and your business. Read more.

Collegiate Skyviews LLC
(A CST Company)
1317 Longview Road
Roanoke, Virginia 24018

Skip Taliaferro, Pres.
Phone: 540-520-6394
Fax: 540-989-3345


In addition to our extensive line of Skyview panels, we also design and manufacture custom labels through our affiliate, Source 4.

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